Welcome to the Raku studio. Raku firing is the most intense and exciting method of firing pottery. Finishing our wheel thrown pots in this manner gives rise to their beautiful color, crackle, and metallic flash. The handmade fiber kiln you see here is an integral part of Raku firing process here at HippyClay. It is constructed from a galvanized steel can lined with ceramic fiber blanket. During the firing process, the interior of the kiln is driven to over 1900 degrees F with a 500,000 BTU propane torch. It is a very fast paced process with loads of glazed bisqueware reaching maturity in 20-25 minutes. The pieces are unloaded while red hot and placed in reduction bins filled with newspaper, grass clippings, corn husks, pine needles or mulch. It is in these bins when the magic of the metallics flux out of the glazes. Click on the tabs at the top to see product pics. Please read through the About page for ordering instructions proper care and use of your Raku art.

HippyClay Raku Pottery
and Beads

Below and on the next few pages you will find beautiful and unique clayworks that have literally been painted with fire!
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